It has been a little while, and I have not posted much yet. Well, as I have stated in posts past, I am a procrastinator. However, that does not mean I procrastinate about God, In fact He is the first I think of in the morning when I get up and He is in my heart and mind when I get into my bed, ready to go to sleep. I have a stormy lifestyle these days, my meds ask me to sleep longer than average, consequently leaving me less time to do things I want to do, one of them being blogging. I’ve yet to expand on my explanation as to why I chose the name I chose for my blog.

In future posts I will expand on the parable of the prodigal son, which can be found on Luke 15:11–32… Until then, May God bless you…


About godsdragon

I am a seminary student, working towards a master's degree in Christian Counseling...
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