The Parable of the Prodigal son, explained by me

  • A guy that is living well, decides to take off with his inheritance and explore worldly pleasures…
  • He takes off and spends it all on women, alcohol, drugs, and fast worldly living.
  • Reality hits him and he starts to suffer the consequences of his sin…
  • He is treated lowly and continues to suffer the consequences of his actions…
  • HE COMES TO HIS SENSES… Has a moment of clarity and decides he has hit bottom and that he needs to return to his family, his father in particular.
  • He returns in humility asking to be taken back as the lowest of his father’s servants.
  • His father takes him in again and gives him his best, and also throws a party in honor of him for having returned back…
  • His brother is jealous and complains to their father…
  • Their father explains to him (his angry brother) why he took his lost son back….

More explanations next… Why can I relate to this parable so much?


About godsdragon

I am a seminary student, working towards a master's degree in Christian Counseling...
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