The Christmas frenzy!

Wow… I just visited a few blogs talking about this or that, all related to the Christmas season…So I am thinking to myself, well it will be someday that I will be famous posting blogs at certain times of the year…

I really don’t understand why Christmas for a Christian is not celebrated every day…24/7/365… I don’t understand why folks like you and me shop in a frenzy in December, abandoning the thought of getting presents for others the rest of the year.. (only because…I know..I know,the big sales only occur in December…). If we were to shop just one present a month, we would end up at the end of year with 12 presents; if we would shop for two presents a month, we would end up with 24 presents at the end of the year. But unfortunately, we consumers do not have a choice but to follow big marketers and big companies because they are the ones that set prices. They are the ones that set prices low so we go shop at their mercy.

I know you probably think I’m the Grinch of Christmas. But if you really look at this, you know it’s the truth. I don’t like to play Christmas anymore, except for when I am with kids. Christmas is a time to remember the birth of Jesus. Yes Christmas is a time for joy, hope, family, friends, and fellowship. We also need to remember the poor, the homeless, those in hospitals or bed ridden, those jailed, and all the people in the world that suffer. Christ came into this world to give his life for us. That was in not a small feat at all!. It was a big world changing event. On Christmas Day, we need to remember baby Jesus, and Virgin Mary, Joseph and all the wonderful joy that Christmas brings. But we also need to remember those less fortunate than us. I always try to remember and pray for those that need prayers. I pray for them throughout the year, and throughout the Christmas season. I tried to tithe to where God needs it most, not just my church.

So here it is, my Christmas post. God bless you and your loved ones. Let us remember  the less fortunate ones in this world.Image


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