Hype number 2 is over now…

Hello there!

Hope you’re all doing well. Let me explain what I mean:… there’s three main events happening in a year, that are worthy of attention, more so than others: one is Thanksgiving, the next one is Christmas, and last one is the New Year’s celebration.

Thanksgiving it is a time to give thanks. Unfortunately, we sometimes give thanks without thinking about who ultimately we need to give thanks to. Then comes Black Friday. People fight to get in line, people almost running each other over so that the items that they want to buy do not run out because their prices are so low that everybody wants those items. I believe there has even been deaths on that day… Tragic isn’t it?…

Then comes Christmas time celebration. Lots of parties get-togethers, same thing we did on Thanksgiving weekend… Except this time, we Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus, others celebrate the Jewish holidays, and others celebrate Kwanza.

This is another time were people go in a frenzy, to shop for gifts for family and friends. What if we were to buy one gift every month for 12 months watching for prices to come down before we buy them, of course. We would have at the end of that year 12 gifts to give away. If we bought two gifts every month, we would have 24 gifts to give away at the end of the year!. No more traffic jams in December, no running for the last minute present buying, and no excess expenditures and getting further into debt. I know this sounds perhaps ridiculous. But really think about it.

The last of the hypes that I am going to talk about, is the new year hype. Everybody remembers what happened the year that just passed, good and bad. Everybody gets ready to set new goals for that new year. They call those new year resolutions.

What if we were to spread Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s celebration all year long!. These I believe would be the benefits of doing so:

First of all, we would be thankful all year for the things we have, the people that are in our lives, and to God. All year round. No need for Black Friday, we would be in better mental health if we were grateful for something, thankful for something every day.

Then, we could celebrate the birth of Jesus every day in our lives. When we celebrate Jesus in our lives every day, we enjoy His company, we enjoy fellowshiping with him and we establish on a more regular basis I close contact with him. We need to do that as Christians anyway. I am not too sure that other celebrations would call for similar settings… But, you see where I’m getting at?

I read not too long ago that the US is one the countries with highest incidents of crime, mental illness, and poverty. I bet you, a few of the causes for this, are: we are not thankful on a daily basis to God, we don’t pray to him every day, and we only celebrate his birth once a year.

We could have a more sensible society at least in the Christian world if every day we were to be thankful to God and others, if we celebrated the birth of Jesus daily, and if we celebrated each and every day of our lives as a new day. I know, that’s Utopia.


About godsdragon

I am a seminary student, working towards a master's degree in Christian Counseling...
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