Fundamentalist Literalism in Interpreting the Bible

I completed a section of my paper towards one of my classes in seminary. I came across a EWTN article entitled: The interpretation of the Bible in church, written by a pontifical Biblical commission, presented on March 18, 1994. As I was looking for an explanation to one of the questions I asked in my research paper I came across an interesting paragraph or two regarding literalism when interpreting the Bible. I learned that, first of all the Catholics called fundamentalists to those that interpret the Bible only literally. I know they are not really being nice, for the little I know is that Calvin and the Reformed Church uses literalism as one it’s principles ways to interpret the Bible. Nevertheless I thought it was interesting how they partly answered my question. I am still looking for different sources to investigate this further. I understand the Bible can be interpreted many different ways. I want to make sure I understand that we have to interpret the Bible this way we can so that we get the best word of God we can. So I will utilize my next post hopefully to expand on my current post.


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