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Psalm 23 The Lord is my Shepperd; I shall not want…

Elections, Government and God…

Yesterday Florida held Primary elections to choose who the representative of the Republican party will run in the presidential campaign. I was disappointed that my candidate did not make it, at least in this state. I am also disappointed with … Continue reading

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Hype number 2 is over now…

Hello there! Hope you’re all doing well. Let me explain what I mean:… there’s three main events happening in a year, that are worthy of attention, more so than others: one is Thanksgiving, the next one is Christmas, and last … Continue reading

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The Christmas frenzy!

Wow… I just visited a few blogs talking about this or that, all related to the Christmas season…So I am thinking to myself, well it will be someday that I will be famous posting blogs at certain times of the … Continue reading

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God works in mysterious ways…

Today I’m having writers block. All I can say is God helps me every day in every way to accomplish what I need to accomplish. I could not do this life without Him.

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God is awesome!

Today I came accross an awesome article in the news…. This just shows that when people are conscious and moral and right about what they are doing, great things happen!

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Back again

I am grateful WordPress saved my failed attemps at posting these paragraphs here down below… God and WordPress are good… God is good all the time… Ok… So, it has been a while since I posted… I know I know, … Continue reading

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A New Beginning…

Ok, so here I am again… After at least a couple of years of not blogging. I have decided to start blogging again. Why? Reasons could be numerous, however, the most important one is: I feel there is an important … Continue reading

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